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*   Accessing Spectra from a Spectra Projector Window
An important part of classification analysis is knowing which spectrum is represented by a point on a projection plane. As the application links corresponding modules, it recalls spectra with structures or chromatographic components from any projection plane.
Note  The Spectra Projector module is able to recall only records that are present in an open Database Manager window. When you close the Database Manager window that is the source of the input data for classification, the link between a point and its spectrum is interrupted. The application automatically warns you if you try to close a Database Manager window that is linked with one or more Spectra Projector windows. To keep the links between points and spectra intact, do not move records in or between Database Manager windows using cut-and-paste commands.
To access a single spectrum, scan, or deconvoluted component
Double-click a point on the projection.
The linked module opens on top of all other windows, and the application selects the corresponding record or component and displays the spectrum.
For additional information about saving spectra to records, see Using Records in the Database Manager Window or Working with Detected Components.
To access several spectra in a region
Do one of the following:
Right-click and choose Select from the shortcut menu.
Click the Select Spectra and Show Their Origin button, .
When the selected spectra originate from a Database Manager window, you are prompted to copy the records with spectra and structures to either the last active Database Manager window or to a new one (see Example Workflow).
When your spectra originate from a chromatogram in a Chromatogram Processor window, the corresponding scans or components appear in the same color as they appear in the PCA or Fuzzy Clustering plot.

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