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*   Background Subtraction
To eliminate the background signal from an active scan or from the average of spectral scans, you can perform a manual background subtraction.
To set the location of two representative background scans
Click the Chromatogram Processing Utilities button, , and choose Background Subtraction.
The cursor changes appearance, , to indicate this functionality.
A green vertical line indicates the background scans. The Scan pane displays the resulting spectrum.
To cancel a background subtraction, click the Chromatogram Processing Utilities button, , and choose Delete Background Subtraction.
The Extracted Ion Chromatogram feature can help you choose the two most representative background scans. You can use these background scans in the Manual background subtraction option in Automated Components Detection and Spectra Deconvolution procedures.
For additional information, see Using the Extracted Ion Chromatogram Features and Using Components Detection and Spectra Deconvolution.
To see the effects of the background subtraction on a scan
See Working in a Chromatogram Processor Window.

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