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*   Chromatogram Processor Module
Use the Chromatogram Processor module for the extraction and processing of mass spectral scans from GC/MS or LC/MS files or from MSn data. Use this module to perform component detection, spectra deconvolution, spectral averaging, and background subtraction.
You can display three types of chromatograms: Total Ion Chromatograms (TIC), MS and MS/MS chromatograms, and Extracted Ion Chromatograms (XIC). With the XIC feature, you can display individual mass chromatograms of ions that are characteristic for a specific compound.
Mass spectral scans, deconvoluted components, and various types of MSn data can be classified using these methods: PCA, SOM, or Fuzzy Clustering. You can search spectra in a library for positive compound identification or copy the spectra to a Database Manager window for further processing and archiving. You can also simultaneously open multiple chromatograms. Fully customizable chromatogram and mass spectrum layouts are available.
In the Chromatogram Processor window, you can copy chromatograms with extracted spectra for importing into reports, spreadsheets, or other Windows programs. MSn data is displayed in tree structures so that you can view the dependencies. This module does not include target analysis or automatic quantitation of ions.

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