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*   Chromatogram Processor
The Chromatogram Processor module extracts and processes mass spectral data, including GC/MS or LC/MS. By using the component detection and spectra deconvolution algorithms, you can automatically extract individual spectra or spectral trees from complex chromatographic data files. This module provides visual tools for selecting particular spectra from MSn experiments.
For a complete description of the features in the Chromatogram Processor window, see Chromatogram Processor Module.
Chromatogram Processor window

  Supported GC/MS and LC/MS Data File Formats
  Working in a Chromatogram Processor Window
  Using the Chromatogram Pane
  Averaging Scans
  Processing the Data
  Using the Extracted Ion Chromatogram Features
  Using Components Detection and Spectra Deconvolution
  Processing Extracted Spectra
  Working with Detected Components
  Processing MSn Data
  Exporting Scans, Components, and Reduced Chromatograms
  Annotating Chromatographic Peaks

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