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*   Database Manager
The Database Manager module provides several ways to organize and process mass spectra, chemical structures, and libraries, and include the data in a spreadsheet format. This module supports data exchange with the Microsoft Excel™ application. You can use the advanced database query and search features of the module to access information needed for rapid compound identification. You can also create your own libraries containing spectra, MSn spectral trees, chromatograms, chemical structures, and extensive compound characteristics.
For a complete description of the features in the Database Manager window, see Database Manager Module.
Database Manager window

  Using the Database Manager Window
  Using the Info Page
  Using the Mass Differences Page
  Using the Compare Spectra Page
  Using the Compare Trees Page
  Working with Spectral Records
  Displaying Isotope Patterns
  Assigning Fragments to Spectral Peaks
  Exchanging Mass Spectral Data Between Modules
  Using the Library Pane
  Processing Data-Reduced Chromatograms
  Using the Search Utilities

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