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*   Editing Bond Properties
Use the Bond Properties dialog box to change bond multiplicity, bond style, and bond color.
To change the multiplicity of a bond
Click , or , or and then click the bond you want to change.
These commands are recursive; the application changes the selected bond each time you click. The cursor indicates the type of bond you are using.
To change the multiplicity, color, line style, or aromaticity of a bond
Click the Bond Properties button, , and then click the bond you want to change.
The Bond Properties dialog box opens.
To change the multiplicity of the selected bond, select Single, Double, or Triple in the Multiplicity area.
Only single bonds use Wedged line styles.
The Mass Frontier application automatically recognizes aromatic bonds in an appropriate six-membered ring or in polyaromatic structures. However, if unusual semiaromatic or aromatic resonance structures are required, the aromatic bond can be forced to a selected bond or bonds.

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