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*   Eliminating Generated Fragments Not Present in a Spectrum
The Fragments & Mechanisms module shows all m/z values that have been generated with the specified Reaction Restrictions settings. When the generated fragments are linked with a spectrum—that is, the fragments were generated from a Database Manager window that contains the specified spectrum—you can eliminate the m/z values that do not have corresponding peaks in the spectrum. In some cases, the application generates a large number of theoretically possible fragments with a variety of m/z values; therefore, showing only those fragments that can be linked with a spectrum (explained peaks) is useful.
For additional information, see Specifying Reaction Restrictions or Linking Generated Fragments with a Spectrum.
To eliminate m/z values that cannot be linked with peaks in a spectrum
Click the Show m/z Values For Explained Peaks Only button, , in the Fragments & Mechanisms window.
When you eliminate m/z values that do not correspond to a spectrum, these values are not permanently deleted. To restore the original display, click the Show m/z Values For Explained Peaks Only button again.
This Show m/z Values For Explained Peaks Only button switches the display between all generated m/z values and m/z values for explained peaks only.

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