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*   Exchanging Mass Spectral Data Between Modules
From the Database Manager window, you can import mass spectra directly from a file, the Chromatographic Processor, an Excel spreadsheet, or the Xcalibur data system. You can open as many Database Manager windows as your system allows and exchange mass spectra between these windows. The Mass Frontier application can automatically establish a link between Database Manager records and other modules that need to access spectral or structural data.
You can link equivalent spectral information to access the original data that was supplied as input for one of the many interpretation methods available in the application.
The direct feedback between source (records and mass spectra) and results (mechanisms, bar code spectra, classes, and projections) helps you keep track of all the modules that originate from a single source. This feature makes the simultaneous use of multiple modules easier, further supporting more sophisticated problem-solving approaches.
For additional information, see Linking Generated Fragments with a Spectrum, Bar Code Spectra, or Accessing Spectra from a Spectra Projector Window.

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