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*   Generating a Neural Networks Module
Use the Spectra Classifier module to generate a Neural Networks module. You cannot directly open a Neural Networks window from the Mass Frontier main menu (similar to the Spectra Projector). After you generate the network, you cannot alter the classification results. To remove a spectrum (symbol) from a network, you must remove this spectrum from the input data and then launch a new classification process. You can open an unlimited number of Neural Networks windows at any time in the application.
Select spectra from the Database Manager or Chromatogram Processor window and populate those spectra to a Spectra Classifier window.
For detailed instructions, see Opening the Spectra Classifier Window.
For detailed instructions, see Managing Groups of Spectra.
To begin the Neural Networks classification process, select the Neural Networks option and click Classify Now.
For detailed instructions, see Classifying Spectra.
The application displays the results of a Neural Networks classification in a Neural Networks window.
Neural Networks window resulting from spectra classification

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