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*   Importing Spectra from an Excel Spreadsheet
You can import mass spectra or spectral trees stored in an Excel spreadsheet to the Database Manager window (see Copying and Pasting a Spectral Tree). You can organize spectral tables horizontally or vertically.
Note  The Mass Frontier application supports standard tables with separated numbers, so you can also import spectra from other applications.
To import spectra from an Excel spreadsheet
Choose Edit > Paste > Spectrum in the Mass Frontier main menu.
To correctly interpret m/z values and abundance
Follow one of these conventions:
When the spectra are vertically oriented, the first column is abundance, and the second column is the m/z value, label the first row of the first column “Abundance” and the first row of the second column “m/z.
When the spectra are oriented horizontally, the first row is abundance, and the second row is the m/z value, label the first column of the first row “Abundance” and the first column of the second row “m/z.
IMPORTANT  The third column can be accuracy in AMU. When the accuracy column is not present, the application uses the default value from the Tolerance Settings on the Options dialog box. See Specifying Mass/Abundance Options.

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