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*   Library Utilities
The Mass Frontier application provides several methods for creating and maintaining mass spectral, chromatographic, and fragmentation libraries. To help you visually distinguish between libraries, each library has its own icon. You can select an icon for the user libraries you create, but the application automatically assigns icons to the HighChem MSn libraries. You can install up to 255 libraries at once.
The Mass Frontier Server Manager is a stand-alone application for managing and administering libraries on the Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Server).
The Mass Frontier application supports both low- and high-resolution mass spectra. You can store mass spectra as single spectra or as MSn trees with multiple node spectra. You can also store and search data-reduced chromatograms with selected scans or components. You can update any record in a library except the HighChem MSn libraries, which are read-only.
The Mass Frontier application unifies spectral and fragmentation libraries into a single library format.

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