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*   Manually Create and Edit a Spectral Tree
You can manually create and edit spectral trees in the Spectral Tree pane in the Database Manager window. You can construct a tree by creating an empty tree framework, adding new nodes, and then successively pasting or importing spectra into the nodes.
To open a Spectral Tree window from the toolbar
Click the Spectral Tree icon, , in the Database Manager toolbar.
To add a new node
Right-click the parent node and choose Add > Add Node from the shortcut menu.
This command is available only for editable libraries.
Right-click the node and choose Paste > Paste Parallel Spectrum.
This command is available only when the Clipboard contains a spectrum.
A node can contain only one empty parallel spectrum. If you add more than one parallel spectrum to the node, the application automatically generates the average and composite parallel spectra, which are differentiated by color.
If you import a raw data file into the node, the application calculates the average spectrum from all scans.
You cannot import a chromatogram raw data file into a spectrum node. To create a node with a chromatogram, paste a data-reduced chromatogram from the Chromatogram Processor module. For additional information, see Spectral Tree Chromatograms and Searching Chromatographic Libraries.
To define the precursor m/z value
Do one of the following:
Type the value in the edit box in the Structure pane.
Click the Restore Precursor m/z icon, , in the lower right corner of the Structure pane.
For additional information, see To paste a structure to a record.
A tree must have precursor m/z values and the isolation width of the product nodes. The Mass Frontier application automatically determines the default value of the isolation width, but you can manually change it.
To edit the node caption of a parallel spectrum or chromatogram
Double-click the caption label and type the new formatted text into the Annotation dialog box.

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