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*   New Features in Mass Frontier 7.0
The Mass Frontier 7.0 application includes new features in the Database Manager, Chromatogram Processor, and Report Creator modules.
New Database Manager Features
The Database Manager module has new features in its tree comparison and automatic fragment annotation algorithms.
The Mass Frontier tree comparison function has added these new features:
You can insert the left tree from the current record, Clipboard, or searched tree (if the current record is the result of a tree search). The right tree is the current record.
The first group of options (Type, Method, Match Stage, and Ignore Top Stage) affects the calculation of the match factor. The meaning of the parameters is the same as for the tree search in previous versions of the Mass Frontier application.
Sync Best Match: If you select a spectrum in the left or right tree, the most similar spectrum is selected in the opposite tree. If no spectrum matches, the text “No sync match found” appears under this check box.
The automatic fragment annotation algorithm now includes the following new features:
For information about the new Database Manager features, see Database Manager Module.
New Chromatogram Processor Features
The Chromatogram Processor module in the Mass Frontier 7.0 application includes changes to the FISh algorithm, thresholding, baseline correction, smoothing, joint component detection, action handling, component search, and chromatogram access.
Enhancements to the FISh algorithm include these features:
Use of the m/z list as a model.
A new wizard is available for thresholding, baseline correction, and smoothing.
A new wizard is available for joint component detection.
The Chromatogram Processor module includes two new tools:
Actions that you can apply to chromatograms (base peak chromatograms, selected ion chromatograms, forced mass tolerance, thresholding, FISh, baseline correction, smoothing, and component detections) in the Chromatogram Processor window.
You can save these actions to a file and load them. You can also drag them and drop them between Chromatogram Processor windows. In addition, you can activate and deactivate them, and reorder, modify, and remove them.
You can directly access the component search and the hit selector from the Chromatogram Processor window. The results of the component search appear in short form in the ToolTips.
You can save and load chromatograms with components, extracted ion chromatograms (XICs), selections, and actions in the new format.
For information about the new Chromatogram Processor features, see Chromatogram Processor Module.
New Report Creator
With this new module, you can create comprehensive, flexible, reusable reports and then customize them.
For complete information about the Report Creator, see Report Creator Module.

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