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*   Overview
The Mass Frontier application consists of multiple modules that are displayed as separate windows:
All the modules are located in the Mass Frontier application window. Four of the modules (Fragments & Mechanisms, Neural Networks, Spectra Projector, and Components Editor) are generated from your input data; they cannot be directly opened from the application window.
Although each of the modules is independent, the application can automatically establish a link between several modules (see Exchanging Mass Spectral Data Between Modules). For example, the Mass Frontier application can make a link between the Database Manager module and the Fragments & Mechanisms module. In this case, the application links the peaks in a mass spectrum in the Database Manager window with mass-to-charge ratios in the Fragments & Mechanisms window. You can also link records in the Database Manager window with objects in the Spectra Classifier and Spectra Projector windows.

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