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*   Precision
Precision refers to m/z values and is defined as the position of the last digit relative to the decimal point that is displayed. Precision settings are used only for the display of m/z values and peak positions on the m/z scale. In contrast to tolerance, the Mass Frontier application ignores precision settings in all calculations, always using the highest possible precision. To assure the correct display of m/z values, you must set the precision to the same or a higher order than the tolerance.
Choose Option > Settings from the Mass Frontier main menu.
The Options dialog box opens.
Click Mass/Abundance in the Parameters section.
Click the Mass Precision tab.
The Mass Precision page in the Tolerance Settings dialog box displays options for specifying precision settings.
Mass Precision page
Select the From Accuracy option to use settings specified on the Mass Accuracy page.
Select the Number of Decimal Digits option and, in the adjacent box, specify the number of decimal places to use.

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