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*   Reconstruct a Tree from Multiple Raw Data Files
The spectral tree reconstruction feature reads Xcalibur raw data files and automatically creates a tree according to the precursor m/z and isolation width values. All files (spectra) in a directory should be from an identical chemical entity (compound or chromatographic component)—one directory per tree per compound. This feature works on Xcalibur raw data files acquired using direct injection and a single MSn stage. Each file in a directory can be separately acquired at a specific collision energy and can be a wideband activation spectrum or a zoom or source CID spectrum. The sample preparation can also be diverse (pH, concentration, buffer, and so on). Example files are available in the following directory on a Windows XP system:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\ HighChem\
Mass Frontier 7.0\Chromatograms
To import trees using tree reconstruction
Right-click the tree pane in Database Manager and choose Import > MS Trees from the shortcut menu.
–or –
Choose File > Import > MS Trees from the Mass Frontier main menu.
The Select Directories dialog box opens.
You can view the contents of the selected directory in the Directory Content pane.
Click Add Directory.
The selected directory appears in the Directories Ready for Import pane.
Click Import.
The imported directories create MSn libraries.

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