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*   Reconstruct a Tree from a Single Raw Data File
You can create a spectral tree for a reference compound by reading various MSn spectra acquired through direct infusion in one run and stored in a single raw data file.
To create a spectral tree from a single run using tree reconstruction
Choose Tools > Chromatogram Processor from the Mass Frontier main menu.
Click the Chromatogram Processor icon, , in the Mass Frontier toolbar.
The Open Chromatogram dialog box opens.
The file opens in the Chromatogram Processor window.
Click the Components Detection & Spectra Deconvolution icon and choose Direct Infusion from the menu.
Right-click and choose Component Detection > Direct Infusion from the shortcut menu.
The Direct Infusion Spectral Tree Construction dialog box opens. For additional information, see Direct Infusion Algorithm.
Direct Infusion Spectral Tree Construction dialog box
The reconstructed spectral tree is displayed in the lower pane.
Chromatogram Processor window

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