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*   Setting Up the Server Manager
To access the SQL Server through the Server Manager, you must configure both the firewall protecting the SQL Server and the SQL Server browser so that they can receive incoming connections.
At startup, the Server Manager attempts to find and connect to the server located on the local computer. If it cannot find this server or if you want to work with servers on other computers, you can do one of the following:
Choose Server > Add Server Manually to add a server (link) in the Server Manager window.
Choose Server > Enumerate Available Servers to search all available servers on the network.
Note  Enumerating servers on a computer network can be time-consuming, depending on the network size. Some network configurations do not allow automated identification of servers using enumeration. In this case, you must manually connect the server. For instructions, see To manually connect to a server.
When you regularly or exclusively work with a specific server, you can set it as the default.
To specify a default server
Choose Tools > Options from the Server Manager menu.
The Options dialog box opens.
Select the Add Server Automatic option.
Select the Add as Default option.
Note  To connect to a server that was installed with the Mass Frontier 4.0, 5.0, or 6.0 applications, you must reconfigure the server for network functionality (see To reconfigure a previous version of the Mass Frontier SQL Server). Server configuration has no effect on the Mass Frontier application and its libraries.

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