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*   Spectra Projector Module
The Spectra Projector module displays the results of a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) or Fuzzy Clustering method. In a Spectra Projector window, mass spectra are projected as points on a two-dimensional (2-D) plane or a three-dimensional (3-D) twistable space, according to principal components or fuzzy cluster combinations. The objective of classification analysis is to find classes of spectra on the projection that exhibit common or similar properties. You can use the Spectra Projector window to place an external spectrum onto a projection to examine its class membership.
You can apply classification to spectra that cannot be previously distributed into groups by classifying only one group of spectra and attempting to find points on the projection that represent compounds with the expected properties. In the Spectra Projector window, you can select these points to examine their spectra and structures.
For additional information, see Principal Component Analysis (PCA) or Fuzzy Clustering.

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