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*   Spectra Projector
The Spectra Projector module displays the results of the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Fuzzy Clustering classification methods. You can classify mass spectral data by using 2-D or 3-D projections where each point represents a spectrum. When you want to determine the class membership of an unknown spectrum, open or paste it into an existing projection.
You cannot open the Spectra Projector module directly from the Mass Frontier application window. You must generate this module from the Spectra Classifier window using data from the Database Manager or Chromatogram Processor module.
For a complete description of the features in the Spectra Projector window, see Spectra Projector Module.
For additional information, see Spectra Classifier Module.
Spectra Projector window

  Generating a Spectra Projector Window
  Working in the Spectra Projector Window
  Using 3-D Projection Mode
  Opening and Saving Classification Results
  Accessing Spectra from a Spectra Projector Window
  Adding External Spectrum to a Projection

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