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*   Spectral Tree Chromatograms
The Mass Frontier application supports spectral trees that can contain nodes with data-reduced chromatograms. You can assign chromatograms to every node, which lets you store product ion chromatograms for a particular precursor m/z value.
For additional information, see Searching Chromatographic Libraries, Copying and Pasting a Spectral Tree or Manually Create and Edit a Spectral Tree.
In contrast to spectra, the application limits you to only one chromatogram per node. Tree chromatograms with components or selected scans are fully searchable. You can review or reload a node chromatogram from the original data file in the Chromatogram Database Viewer. For additional information, see Processing Data-Reduced Chromatograms.
To open the Chromatogram Database Viewer
Click the Show Complete Chromatogram icon, , in the Database Manager toolbar.
The Chromatogram Database Viewer window opens.
You can edit node chromatogram components or selected scans in the Components Editor window. For additional information, see Components Editor Module.

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