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*   Spectral Tree Module
The Mass Frontier application uses spectral tree representation for MSn spectra. The tree structure best reflects the hierarchical spectra dependencies in tandem experiments. The graphical user interface provides for the management and processing of spectral trees. You can reconstruct spectral trees from data files, automatically extract them from data-dependent chromatographic components, or manually create them. For additional information, see Using Components Detection and Spectra Deconvolution.
All the spectral modules support trees except the Spectra Classifier, which uses total composite spectra generated from trees. The Mass Frontier application uses a newly developed algorithm for comparing spectral trees, which is integrated in the database search procedures.
With spectral tree components, you can do any of these tasks:
Note  Most management and processing actions distinguish between a single spectrum and a tree. When handling data that contains trees, be very clear whether you want to apply a particular action to an entire tree or a selected single spectrum. The displayed information is also associated with the tree, the spectrum, or both depending on the information type. For additional information, see Using Records in the Database Manager Window.

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