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*   Supported GC/MS and LC/MS Data File Formats
The Mass Frontier application supports various data file formats for importing GC/MS and LC/MS files:
Agilent™ ChemStation™
You can import these files to the Chromatogram Processor, and you can save single scans in JACAMP, MSP format, or as a HighChem Chromatogram file. The HCC format saves all actions applied to chromatogram.
This application supports “centroid” type data and displays centroid mass spectra in a bar graph. This application does not support “profile” type data for mass spectra.
Because of various netCDF standards for implementation, the application might not be able to read some .cdf files.
Note  The Mass Frontier application supports features connected with chromatographic spectral trees for Xcalibur raw data (.raw) files only. For additional information, see Processing MSn Data.

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