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*   TECD Algorithm
The TECD (Total Extraction Components Detection) algorithm creates spectral trees for every section of a chromatogram that starts with an MS1 scan. Each generated tree is then divided into subtrees based on the value of the Minimal Tree Depth parameter. Generated subtrees are merged into components based on the precursor ion m/z value identity and the spectral tree match factor similarity.
You can apply the TECD algorithm to data-dependent chromatograms only. This algorithm creates components according to precursor values and spectra similarity only. It is not as advanced as JCD but it is significantly faster.
To run the Total Extraction Components Detection algorithm
Click the Components Detection & Spectra Deconvolution button, , and choose TECD.
The Total Extraction Component Detection Algorithm dialog box opens.
Click Calculate.
Total Extraction Component Detection Algorithm dialog box
Specifies the minimum number of tree sections the algorithm creates from the initial spectral tree. The value determines the MS stage where a division of a spectral tree takes place.
Specifies the minimum percentage that two spectral trees within adjacent tree sections must match before the algorithm considers the two spectral trees as the same component. Matching spectral trees is defined as having identical precursors up to the level specified by the Minimal Tree Depth value and a Tree Match Factor value that exceeds the specified value.
Wide Component Merge Mode
Enables a comparison of the spectral trees for potential matching and merging, not only in adjacent sections, but also in sections up to the distance specified by the Allowed Gap value.
When comparing the spectral trees for potential merging, specifies the maximum distance between nonadjacent tree sections.
Specifies only a part of a chromatogram to be analyzed (time range), which can speed up your work. In this case, the algorithm ignores regions outside of the specified range.
m/z Range
Determines the m/z value range that is analyzed. Ignores other spectral regions. This feature is useful when processing large chromatograms.
Opens the Save TECD Parameters File dialog box where you can save your current parameters to a TECD parameters file (.tecd.par).
Opens the Open TECD Parameters File dialog box where you can choose a TECD parameters file (.tecd.par) to load.

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