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*   Using the Components Editor Window
Use the Components Editor window to edit, search, and organize chromatographic components stored in a library or generated by the Components Detection and Spectra Deconvolution feature.
You cannot open the Components Editor module directly from the Mass Frontier application window. You must generate this module from your data in the Chromatogram Processor window.
To open a Components Editor window
From a Chromatogram Processor window, click the Components Detection & Spectra Deconvolution button, , and choose one of the component detection algorithms.
See Using Components Detection and Spectra Deconvolution.
For detailed descriptions of the detection algorithm parameters, see the following:
The TIC page identifies the detected components with a triangle at each detected peak.
The Components Editor window opens. See Components Editor window.
The Components Editor window closely resembles the Database Manager window; however, the processing item is a chromatographic component rather than a database record. To distinguish between the modules, the Components Editor window has a light blue bar on the left side. Both modules behave almost identically. For a detailed explanation of the panes and their functionality, see Database Manager Module.
Each chromatographic component is represented by a single row. The columns contain supplementary component information. One of the columns lists Model Ion values that have been used for component detection. These values help you orient yourself and find components of interest. In most cases, the model ion is the base peak in the full-scan spectrum; however, if closely coeluting components have isobaric base peaks, the algorithms select different model ions to distinguish these components.
The application keeps changes with the chromatogram. To save the chromatogram to a chromatographic library, see Processing Data-Reduced Chromatograms.
Components Editor window

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