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*   Using the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
The Mass Frontier library utilities are based on the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Express). SQL Express is a database engine based on core SQL Server technology. It is a reliable storage engine and query processor for desktop applications. SQL Express is a royalty-free, distributable database engine that is fully compatible with SQL Server. SQL Express is included in the Mass Frontier installation.
SQL Express is the background application for the Mass Frontier application. Library utilities are integrated in the graphical interface; you do not directly interact with the database engine.
The SQL Express database engine creates databases with a maximum file size of 4 GB. Any libraries created in the application cannot exceed this file size. If you try to store data above this limit, the Mass Frontier application informs you that this action cannot be completed and you should store the extra data in a new library.
This file size issue occurs more often with chromatographic libraries than with spectral libraries. For example, the NIST 2002 database with 175 000 spectra takes up 800 MB in the SQL Express format. However, if you must create large spectral or chromatographic databases, you can upgrade SQL Express to the higher SQL Server editions (for example, Enterprise, Standard, or Personal) that have terra byte capacity. The Mass Frontier libraries are fully compatible with other editions of the SQL Server. A database expert must individually set up later SQL Server editions. For additional information on how to upgrade SQL Express, contact Microsoft or the HighChem Ltd., Slovakia database group.
SQL Express is managed by the Mass Frontier Server Manager.
To start the Server Manager
Choose Library > Server Manager from the Mass Frontier main menu.
Server Manager window

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