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*   Using the Threshold Filter Wizard
The Threshold Filter wizard is a simplified version of the Threshold Filter parameters.
To open the Threshold Filter wizard
The Threshold Filter dialog box minimizes to a simplified version.
Threshold Filter Wizard dialog box
Mark the threshold peaks in red only with corresponding TIC showing in red as well. No peaks are removed.
Specifies that only MS1 (full scan) scans are processed.
Specifies the percentage of mass resolution calculated from all scans in a chromatogram on a linear scale. This value specifies the mass difference interval within the algorithm and merges spectral peaks into one m/z value. A Soft value can result in more individual m/z dimensions and a Strong value can result in merging more ions into one.
Opens the Save Threshold Parameters File dialog box where you save your current parameters to a threshold parameters file (.threshold.par).
Opens the Open Threshold Parameters File dialog box where you can choose a threshold parameters file (.threshold.par) to load.

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