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*   Viewing Spectra Data
In the Spectra Classifier window, you can view the spectra and structures for a spectra group or open the source (Database Manager or Chromatogram Processor) module for a spectra group.
To preview spectra records
In either list of spectra groups, select a group.
The table displays spectra, structures, and additional information.
Spectra records
To open the source for a spectra group
Double-click a spectra group in either of the two lists.
The Database Manager window or Chromatogram Processor where the corresponding spectra originated opens with these records selected.
IMPORTANT  The Spectra Classifier can hold only spectra that are still present in the original Database Manager or Chromatogram Processor window. After you create a group of spectra in the Spectra Classifier, do not move the spectra from the original Database Manager window or clear the component spectra from a chromatogram in the Chromatogram Processor. If you violate either of these conditions, the target group of spectra is removed from the Spectra Classifier.

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